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Living large, working in the World’s Largest Democracy, 2007

I’ve spent my professional life in leadership and communications. I chose foreign languages as a college major (specifically Russian Language and Literature), already spoke German well, and took a year of French. I’d entered the U.S. Army Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) to learn to serve and lead as well as see and directly communicate with the wider world. I was commissioned in the Regular Army on graduation and selected for the Military Intelligence Corps. Intelligence officers work closely with tightly knit teams of specialists and communicate assessments to decision makers, often under great stress, verbally, in writing, and with graphics. I couldn’t have asked for a better school of life for a communications career.

My last assignment on active duty was at the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and School at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I developed instruction, presented it to management-level, senior, and foreign audiences, and worked on an editorial team writing doctrine for the field.

After leaving active duty, I found my communications calling in the technology industry, and branched out to different marketing and agency positions. It’s been a fascinating journey of professional development and education, including graduating from the Art Institute of Atlanta as an adult to upgrade my skills in advertising design, layout, illustration, typography, and publishing technology.


“Johnson — India’s No. 1 Tile Company.” Not me, I swear.

I enjoy leading teams that accomplish ambitious communications tasks for industry. I like working with specialists in the creative world and directing their expertise to help a company’s progress and growth. I traveled to India in 2007 to onboard and guide a new team of technical communications professionals to a full role supporting a very complex manufacturing software platform. Years later there was still perfect retention and high-quality output.

New communications means and tools continue to delight and fascinate me, such as new content management systems like WordPress, which I used to construct this site. And my current position is in product management for huge data centers, a fantastic opportunity to merge leadership, creativity, and technology.

Instructor Certification near Charleston, S.C.

Kayak instructor certification – tidal inlet south of Charleston, S.C.

Lastly, I’m honored to have leadership roles in community service. And I spend time outdoors fishing and kayaking. I’m an American Canoe Association certified flatwater kayak instructor, and lead water trips (and hikes) as an outings leader with the Georgia Sierra Club and as a volunteer with the Georgia State Parks system.

Hedonistic, rock-and-roll lifestyle.

Hedonistic, rock-and-roll lifestyle.

I also deeply love old school blues, funk, and soul music and have been known to pick up a bass guitar.

Thanks to all whom I’ve served and worked with, and best wishes. And biggest thanks to my family, who make it all a great ride.

– Pete

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