Digital Campaign Materials

I have significant experience with digital campaigns, writing and producing materials by myself or as part of a wider team. This is one example of end-to-end materials I wrote and produced. Our Web team then deployed the landing page, collateral, and video, while our marketing automation pros loaded, sent, and tracked the emails. Contact me for other samples for financial services and pharmaceuticals. 

Process Improvement and Up-Sell Capability Campaign

The campaign objective was lead generation from the business sides of targeted enterprises — retail banks or companies with customer-facing contact centers. The proposition, already proven in many deployments, was greater revenue by enabling up-selling by front-line employees. 

Contact email to drive prospects to landing page. PDF Landing page: Prospects can download collateral and watch the video; can complete registration form for a demo. Up-Sell Landing Page
Collateral piece #1: Customer case study on better up-sell capabilities for a retail bank.  OS_CS_RB1_Thumb Collateral piece #2: White paper on specifics for implementing improved front-line up-sell in different verticals and environments.    OS_WP_UpSell
Videos for this product were particularly effective in developing leads. Script (PDF) to the right corresponds to the video, in viewer below.  PDF    

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