Content Strategy and Management

My first content management position was during the dot-com era, for (subsequently absorbed by WebMD). I then wrote and managed content for, the first online bond trading site (now owned by Charles Schwab); the original site won a Forbes Magazine “Best of the Web” award.

Content Strategy and Management Examples

Since then, I have worked with different Content Management Systems (CMS) for intranets and customer-facing or business-to-business Web sites and microsites, including:

  • — January 2014 enterprise release update. My work includes major revisions to customer workflows, specialty marketing programs, and world-wide shipping rates, pricing, and legal enclosures. CMS: Interwoven TeamSite (UPS internal enterprise).
  • Wrote, designed, and continuously updated company blog, monthly e-newsletters, case studies, product pages, special landing pages, services information and details, educational offerings, and class schedules. CMS: Drupal.
  • Site has evolved, but I helped architect the first major upgrade, added and revised content, and refactored metadata and content based on Google Web and third-party sales analytics.
  •’s developer community site (members only, behind-the-firewall). Wrote and managed complex technical and code-gallery solutions to integration and automation projects. Outside-facing URL CMS: Joomla.
  • OpenSpan Online Help — Over 4,000 HTML, image, and document files. CMS: Adobe Technical Communications Suite (FrameMaker, RoboHelp).
  • (this site). Initial development was on my home Mac, using MAMP (Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP). Upload to a permanent host was a breeze and updates are a pleasure. CMS: WordPress.

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