General Editorial

I’ve painted custom motorcycle graphics, and had the chance to use my writing skills as a freelancer for one of the field’s oldest and most respected journals, Airbrush Action magazine. Assignments included interviewing all my illustration heroes and writing the inside scoops on their studio craft, businesses, and backgrounds. Heaven.

The most interesting article I did was a long interview with Hugh Hefner, founder of the Playboy empire, on classic pin-up art that found its way to aircraft fuselages, automotive bodies, motorcycle tanks, and about any other surface large enough for illustration. Hefner always had an eye and personal talent for good commercial art, and his memories of Alberto Vargas and other classic illustrators are historically priceless. Contact me for a copy in PDF form.


Below are several of my articles that also appeared in the journal. Contact me for others.

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Feature on Mark Fredrickson, one of the most recognized and prolific illustrators of the past two decades Fredrickson_Layout_Thumb Dean Loucks, a fine- and commercial artist in the Midwest, turns leisure craft into beautiful visual statements Dean_Loucks_Thumb
If an artist copies something for sale, when is it OK and when is it a crime? How do you protect your own creative work? This article on artist copyright explores the topic. Copyright_Issues_Thumb